Stock trading as a part-time job

To trade shares are more popular among men and women than it ever has been. Thanks to new and discount stock brokers online is now easy and affordable to get started with stock trading online.

Stock trading as a part-time job

Trading is to buy stock to sell at a higher value so that you make money. Another great option is trading currencies and commodities.

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Stocks is an ownership of a business. Do you 100 % of the shares in a company that owns the entire company.

It is definitely possible to Get rich to trade stocks, but let 's take one step at a time. The first thing to know is how in all starts with stock trading.

How to start stock trading?

It's easy to start trading stocks. All you need is an account with a broker, it costs you nothing to create such an account.

You must of course also have money to invest. Most brokers require that you deposit a certain amount of a few thousand dollars before you can start shopping.

Myths about trading stocks and gender

This is an important issue, as the men are dominant in this field. A number of studies have looked at the criteria that needed to be profitable and make money in the stock market.

Findings are as surprising every time: Brokerage and economists often no better than, say psychologists, students and people without education.

Even experiments using monkeys as stock portfolio managers has given excellent results. This means in other words that one can succeed in the stock market without having any knowledge at all about what one is.

However, it is advisable to put into it to invest in. In length it is not enough to trade stocks without knowing what you are doing. There are many women who do at least as well as men in trading. Gender does not matter when it comes to profitable investments in the stock market. Anyone who makes the necessary preparations have prerequisites for successful trading.

Stock trading: Not only for men

Women actually have all the prerequisites to succeed with stocks.

It is no longer the case that stock trading is an activity for men only. Today it is very popular among women to invest in stocks.

Many women is actively trading in the stock market, but there are still some who have come so far. It is most sorry for those concerned, for savings bank does not provide the same returns. It can serve the interest of the bank, is lost as a result of inflation and any property taxes. Stock trading is therefore an excellent option.

Why women should try stock trading?

  • Best in school. Studies show that women are better at school and have better language skills and communication skills.
  • Better understanding of reality. A multi - continental research shows that women - across cultural background - have a more realistic picture of the world.
  • Higher Intelligence? This is a controversial claim, but in Japan, the U.S. and Germany have actually been documented that girls scored more points on intelligence tests than men.

Men are generally physically stronger than women. Muscles and physical endurance is however no requirement to succeed in the stock market. We no longer live in the Stone Age, and it's not how fast you run or how strong you are mean little or nothing in terms of how much money you earn.

How to make money on stocks

Stock trading can be so many things. When you buy a stock, you can make money in many ways:

  • Dividend is a dividend from the company you own shares in. If you purchased shares of a company / a business that has done well (ie earned good money, gotten profits and service their loans) so you can get paid. You do not sell the shares, you can get paid as long as you own the shares.
  • Buy and sell shares is the usual way of thinking in terms of making money trading. You buy a stock, it rises in value and you sell - and has thus earned money! Buy cheap and sell when it goes up in price. If you have many stocks that rise in value as you earn more than if you have just a few of the same stock.
  • Short selling of stocks is a bit advanced, and not for most people. Here mortgaging the shares you purchase, and you earn money when stocks go down in value. It is risky and you can lose a lot of money, but this is primarily for experts.
  • Trading on margin is to " gear up investment " so you can trade more shares than what you really can afford in relation to your equity.
  • CFD trading is an exciting form of stock trading where you have the opportunity to increase returns further because of a system for borrowing the shares you buy.

Forex, an alternative to stock trading

If you think stock trading seems exciting, wait until you discover forex and currency trading. It is very exciting to trade foreign exchange, and you no longer dig into financial statements for limited companies.

Currency trading is more about seeing the big picture in an economic context. Those who succeed in currency trading is often very rich, but it also requires that you are willing to learn and risking some money.

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