Astral Projection: Exit your body!

Join us out of the body! Having studied and tried astral projection, we have achieved increased awareness, visited distant galaxies and other dimensions. Do not believe us? Try also, and judge for yourself!

Astral Projection

We have experimented with astral projection, and found that it can be a useful tool to increase awareness, or just to have it extremely funny. The panel chose to use the techniques described on the website Astral Projection, and it worked perfectly.

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Astral Projection (or astral travel) is about to travel out of their own body. It's not just an out - of -body experience, but the mind actually traveling out of the body, literally. This is not just something you experience, but a real event.

How can we be so cocksure? Any person who has completed his first astral travel will understand and be convinced that it is possible for the mind to travel far away from the body. In other cities, other countries, other planets and other stars.

An out - of -body experience has many similarities with a near - death experience. Astral projection is not just something that pptar New- Age movement, but used in an investigation by the police, the military and as a tool for exploring the universe.

It is easy to succeed with astral travel

We were surprised at how easy it was to succeed with an "out of body experience." After our first trip was the panel agreed that this simply was not an experience, but actually leave the body.

Therefore, we are convinced that astral projection is possible

One of the things that convinced us was when three of the panel agreed to travel to the same place, another dimension that we had visited before and observe each other and communicate together in this dimension. When we came back, was all set to write down the events, and all described exactly the same, although communication was described completely identical in all.

We also traveled back in time to find out answers to questions about our own lives. To do this (go back in time) we entered new dimensions. It sounds crazy, but we have succeeded this time and time again.

All we did to succeed with astral travel is described on the official website of the concept; Astral Projection. Click on the link and try it for yourself if you want to try this on your own. Our experience shows that this is incredibly easy to start with, and it provides a number of advantages in life. As if that is not enough then there Incr fun and exciting!

Astral projection is nothing new..

Astral projection is not a modern invention. The ancient Egyptians studied phenomenon.

Modern science has studied the subject, and there have been some exciting discoveries about astral projection. Science has proven that the pineal gland in the brain associated with astral experiences. What is really interesting is that this gland is also known as " living soul. " This is where the soul is located from a scientific perspective.

Scientists have not yet been able to explain how astral projection is possible. No wonder, How can science explain that you are able to see what's on the other side of a wall, not to mention those other site of the globe, or in distant galaxies?

We humans are not advanced enough life to explain astral prosjeksjon, but we are advanced enough to perform these astral journeys.

Whoever mastered astral projection will in a sense be a superman, to acquire new knowledge and see things that normal people never get to see.

Expert panel traveled out of body

Our expert panel has conducted tests with astral projection, and we used it in several experiments. We conducted tests and " seen" what goes on the other side of a wall. We have tested this in laboratories ogdet works.

Serious researchers will not listen, and no one will be associated with the massive information we have collected. We can prove that astral projection works, but no researchers would have us in their laboratories. Right now we are trying to gain favor among some researchers in London to carry out scientific tests in their laboratories, but they require a fairly large amount of money to put their best scientists available.

What we do know is that astral projection works. Now it only remains to prove this to the world. In the meantime we will continue to travel into space and discover new and unknown places.

Travel to other dimensions

It to travel to distant galaxies are not exciting enough for you, why do not you travel to other dimensions. What we have learned after numerous trips to other dimensions is that the universe is finite.

Universe is big, but in a universal context, it is nevertheless also incredibly small. There is nothing " outside " the universe, only a vacuum without light and particles, and it extends infinitely in all directions.

Parallel universe and other dimensions are unaffected by the size of our universe. We speak of our universe is so unimaginably large, but our universe is just a grain of sand among countless other universes.

Our astral travel, we have seen parallel dimensions, we have traveled back in time, and we 've seen things few people have seen. In the last decade, more people have mastered astral projection, and we assume that this is going to be something that interests far more people in a few years, when you've got a wide public acceptance that astral travel is actually possible, and that there only concerns the experience, but an actual journey.As

To fall asleep, and vokne up

On Wikipedia it says that those who have been outside the body in an astral travel often say they " slept and woke up" and that they " felt more alive than they did in reality. "

Millions of people worldwide have experienced each year to move outside the body, and now begins more to make this a conscious act.

So what experiences have our panel of astral projection? Astral Projection gives us a sense of vokne up. After we tried astral travel and put us into this, it seems a bit like we 've reached a new consciousness, we see the connection and our place in the universe.

Elizabeth (skeptic on the panel) said to me:

" Just after an astral journey, when I return from my trip, and going out among ordinary people, I find these ordinary people as if they were zombies, they are ignorant, have sort of a lower consciousness than me, and they are unaware of their place in the universe. Astral projection may make us the people. "

World 's most powerful people use astral projection

I am convinced that many of the people who achieve much in this life, also has completed a number of astral travel.

There are many important people in this world who make use of astral projection. After completing these trips, we will have an increased awareness and, without mentioning names, I know about the famous TV personalities as well as leaders of major corporations and presidents who actively uses astral projection to achieve all they can in life.

I 've studied a lot of history, and have noticed a number of quotes that I think proves that they have been active with astral travel. Among these individuals include Gandhi, Nostradamus, Napoleon and Sun Tzu.

Try astral projection can also

You do not have to believe us, it is easy to find out for yourself. Make up your own mind and find out that astral travel is indeed possible.

Astral travel is fun and it enriches your life in a whole new way. We use the techniques described on the website Astral Projection. Here you will find everything you need to know to travel to other cities, countries, other planets, other galaxies, and other dimensions, or just " see through wall" if you want to try it.

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