Save money or earn money by importing products from China

You can quickly save a lot of money on imports from China. Why not buy directly from China instead of buying from your local retailer or a local online store? Here are some good Chinese online stores and marketplaces.

Import from China

China import for private purposes is easier than you think. You do not drive business to save money by shopping direct from China - that consumers may also do.

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China and especially Hong Kong, the center of the world when it comes to finding good deals on the internet.

Intermediaries serve broadly to sell China imports on sites like Finn, QXL and eBay. Here you can buy everything from fake brands (pirate clothing) or genuine designer clothing, gadgets, mobile phones, TVs, consumer electronics, computer equipment, batteries, tools and everything else. Import yourself and save money, do not do other richer.

Cheap China import online stores

Here is a list of cheap online stores from China that are suitable for consumers / individuals.

  • (DX) has become a very popular Hong Kong based online store, selling gadgets and everything sorts of things. Varying quality but very cheap. Free shipping worldwide, including free shipping. Pay with PayPal. Note that some of the products here may be illegal to import, including mobile signal jammer (blocking cell phone signals within a certain radius), powerful lasers, weapons, etc. Many book anyway, and if it is not stopped at customs, you get the goods home yourself. In our experience, a safe online store.
  • and is something very similar to DX.
  • has much of the same as DX, but then most in electronics, computers, memory sticks, some gadgets, and our impression is that they also have a little better quality of its range (but many products are the same as found on DX). Sending free for and the world. Pay with PayPal or credit card.
  • sells electronics, led products, computer equipment, games, cameras and more. Deals straight from China.
  • memories of DX, with free shipping, etc. They can be a bit of DX prices.
  • sells clothing and more from China.
  • has LED products at an affordable price.

Chinese marketplaces online

So you have the Chinese market place, here collected countless players to sell their products. This is larger than the online stores, and the selection is often much larger, but also more complex and not all dealers are as serious as feasibility studies may be required. It is still worth to try it, because here are many amazing good deals.

  • is a giant marketplace. 47 million registered users from more than 240 countries are active here. Suitable sutable for a bunch of buddies that go together to import a consignment, or for entrepreneurs who want to make themselves filthy rich on China imports. It is also possible to import piecewise and receive ridiculously cheap samples (eg one copy of the product, if you write that you intend to import more if you are satisfied with the quality). There is some possibility of being defrauded by some of the players, so you may want to buy a small party first.
  • has a lot different.
  • can be used by private as well as corporate. Here you can buy clothes and accessories, movies, jewelry, watches, electronics, and much more.

Business- 2 -Business market there are many more sides to choose from. As an individual you can of course use these pages, but here you usually buy consignments and not individual products:

  • is a great marketplace, but mainly for B2B, not meant for individuals. Nevertheless, there are opportunities here to shop.
  • There are also several markets, but the above are the most important and here you will find just about everything China has to offer in terms of goods. If you still want more, search for example. " wholesale " or "buy wholesale China " if you are looking to trade larger consignments.
  • is probably a big B2B site that sells " everything possible".
  • sells clothes etc. (wholesale / B2B).
  • is a subsidiary of and sell pretty much the same, but at a lower unit price for large orders. If you buy less than 100 units of an item is not worth it, then shop just as good on the DX.

Shipping, duties, VAT, taxes and fees

Import from China is not difficult, but you must be aware of some basic things.

  • Shipping via boat (cheapest but slowest) or plane (most expensive but fastest).
  • Fraud and thugs is widespread in China, and some never send the goods you order, or you get a far poorer quality than expected - especially on the major marketplaces like The trick is to make some preliminary investigations by the company, a simple search on the internet, etc, and when you get some experience, use your gut feeling. Order samples and few guarantees. Find dealers you trust. Such things get easier as you get contacts and when you start to understand this crazy business culture that prevails here.
  • Tax: you will most certainly have to pay tax/VAT on goods.
  • Customs: It is now easier to deal with customs for individuals for small orders, then we have introduced something called Simplified customs clearance. Post does all the calculations for you and you just pick the package in the mail as if you were on a local online store.

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