Energy: How to get more energy

The miracle cure for more energy called sleep. In addition, there are several factors that affect how much energy and profit you have.

Energy and happiness

How to Get More Energy: The key is the right amount of sleep, good nutrition, oxygen to the body, the right amount and intensity of exercise that provides physical and mental wellbeing, as well as a whole host of other things that you get read more about in this article.

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How to get more energy and surplus in everyday life? Here are some tips to help:

Abstract: recipe for energy and energy in everyday life consists of right megnde sleep, a good diet, exercise, and supplemental oxygen (via laughter, yawning, deep breaths).

Want more energy? Sleep is the magic pill!

  • Sleep is incredibly important to maintain profits. Number of hours recommended on scientific grounds varies, but now it seems that 7 is the magic number for adults. 8 hours is too much, and you sleep less than 7 hours have also unfortunate consequences for the next day, and if you have poor sleep habits over time can have fatal consequences for your health.
  • Fast circadian rhythms. Be consistent with your sleep. Stand up and lie down at the same time every day, as far as possible. Man is from an evolutionary perspective, not nocturnal, and our bodies are adapted to an active life during the day and sleeping at night. Do you have a profession that requires night shifts, it is unfortunate. Do you have a profession that runs in shifts day / night it is even more unfortunate, and over time it eats so much on health, some doctors recommend their patients to find a new profession. Get up at the same time and place you at the same time, a routine that may seem boring at first, but it gives you energy and you get more done during the day.
  • Strategic sleep. Life is hectic for many of us, and it's not always easy to keep a regular daily cycle. If you know you are going to get much sleep in the morning or the next day, it may help to sleep a little extra few nights in advance. However, if you are unfortunate enough to sleep for the little one or several nights, it does not help to make up for lost sleep by sleeping extra night after. The body uses more days to recover after getting too little sleep.
  • Sleep in total darkness. It should be as black at night you can not see your hand 20 cm in front of your face. In summer solve this by covering the window, or using sleeping pads in the face.
  • Avoid TV, computer, demanding jobs, pay bills and stress before bedtime (stress you should always try to avoid).
  • Children and pets will be located on separate floors. For better night 's sleep and bed sharing with the child is also a factor for SIDS, so it should not be hard to justify this routine.
  • Temperature in the bedroom should be around 15-18 degrees where you sleep. For hot or cold can cause your sleep is worse than necessary.
  • Avoid alcohol before bed. Never lie on rising intoxication, this is achieved by stopping drinking in the last 2-3 hours before bedtime.
  • If you can not sleep, get up and read a book or doing anything else that requires little energy, and use soft lighting. Lie back in bed when you are tired.
  • Sound sleep. Use apps from iPod or soporific music or repetitive noises (fan, the sound of a river, waves, etc) to blend nicely into sleep.
  • IPod and iPhone has an app that wakes you when you are most rested. The sensor in the device detects your movements during sleep, and acts as an intelligent alarm clock. When you move you will wake up, like half an hour before you were going to get up, but at some point where you feel awake. The app is called "Sleep Cycle" and you can find it when searching among Apple 's applications.
  • Powernapping is unnecessary if you follow the tips above, but some can not or can not follow a beneficial sleep rhythm. If you really can not follow the tips above, it can help with a powernap. A powernap is a way to sleep for a short period, which interrupted before entering deep sleep, the intention is to revitalize.

Oxygen to Krop

  • Le a bit, with a friend or colleague, or locate a fun web clips if you are alone. Research has shown that laughing spice up the respiratory system and provides the body with increased oxygen, so that you become more alert.
  • *Yawn* Yawning you get too into oxygen. To achieve an authentic yawn, look at pictures of other yawning. The fact that you are thinking about yawning can be enough to start to yawn, and it is good for the body. Yawn you now?
  • Breathe deeply in ten large breath and hold the breath in your lungs for a few seconds every time you breathe.

Without food and drink genius can not

  • A good diet is extremely important. Eat just enough, and eat proper food. What this means is beyond this article's site, but some tips are provided below.
  • Eat every three hours or every 4 time it is hard to eat every 3 hours. That means 6-7 meal every day, or at least 4 meals if it is impossible for you to eat as often as every 3 hours. For some, this sounds extremely much, but diet experts agree that it is better to eat moderately several times a day, rather than large portions few times a day. The main meals are what you eat before today's most demanding tasks. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all important meals, but you get good food in between these meals too, and some more good food in the afternoon and evening so that you have energy that lasts until you get up the next morning. Do not go hungry.
  • Good Food: proteins, slow carbs and healthy fats (minimum mettett fat and trans fat). Eat fruits, fish, vegetables, chicken and lean meat, eggs and nuts.
  • Drink lots of water all day. Be careful not to dilute the body, exaggeration is not good, but for most people it is rather a loss of water that is the case. Do not drink only when you're thirsty, you're already somewhat dehydrated and has lost more body bag than what 's good for. Drink so much that you never feelings thirsty.
  • Coffee and green tea a two drinks that can give you an energy boost, but a coffee morning provides no surplus for the rest of the day. Harvard researchers have found that it is better to sip a little throughout the day than to drink more coffee cups in succession. Green tea is a good alternative to coffee, healthier, and contains in addition to caffeine also antioxidants that protect cells against oxidants.
  • Smell of lemon increases the production of noradrenaline (norepinephrine, a hormone associated with energy), according to research by Ph.D. Janice Kiecolt - Glaser. Noradrenaline has like epinephrine is a catecholamine hormone produced and released from the adrenal medulla. Both these hormones bind to adrenergic receptors on target cells, creating mainly the effect of the sympathetic nervous system does. Catecholamines are formed from the amino acid tyrosine in the chromaffin cells of the adrenal medulla. The hormones are stored here and is released into the bloodstream by nervous stimulation of sympathetic nerve fibers.
  • Fast and slow carbs. Are you desperate for energy right now, eat fast carbohydrates (eg sugar found in chocolate, white rice, banana, mango and wheat flour). The problem is more fast carbohydrates that the body must use the right away, if not reversed it into fat so that the body can use it at a later date. Sugar in refined form is not good for the body. Slow carbohydrates provide energy products (examples of slow carbs are nuts, grains, brown rice, whole grain).
  • Supplements as multivitamin - multimineral, omega -3, creatine is convenient as it can be difficult to meet the daily requirement of regular solid food.

Training - short-term efficacy and long-term gain

  • It gives you energy. If you exercise, you get energy and profit, and it is noticeable immediately after exercise. In addition, you get a long-term health benefits. Exercise also helps you to maintain good posture, which is important for relaxation and profit.
  • Strength (anaerobic exercise) has many advantages. You become stronger and manages everyday tasks requiring physical strength without problem.
  • Endurance Training (aerobic exercise) provides fitness and physique to keep going all day. Take some routes or hiking several times a week and become a Duracell bunny that can run at a fast pace all day at work and leisure.
  • Rise and shine, or down on the floor and take one set of bicep curls. If you need quick energy can make a mini - workout lasting example. 30 seconds or 2 minutes. It helps. Try it yourself, right now, you 'll feel like you have a little more energy (given that you have low blood sugar due. Too little food in huddled, then you should eat first!).

More tips for power and profit

  • Obesity in the form of excess body fat as a result of poor diet and too little exercise, or a combination thereof, can cause you to feel tired more quickly tired, and unable to maintain surplus in everyday life.
  • Stress is fatal. So simple it can be said. Do not stress to die that day comes. If you want to live a long and good life, the first commandment is to reduce the stress factor in your life.
  • Noise and Noise often reduces welfare. Avoid noisy places for longer periods of time.
  • Realistic requirements for yourself. We live in a society that requires you to perform a lot. Lower requirements for yourself if you feel you can not live up to the standards you have set. However, it is not very good to expect too little either, most have more in stock than they think, and you do not die to test their own limits sometimes.
  • Splashed water on his face. Certainly freezing water! It helps you to wake up in the morning (but if you follow our tips on sleep will naturally be awake and alert when you stand up).
  • Clean and wash to get it " nice and clean " home. Rent a charwoman or assistant if you are rich enough and lazy enough, or maybe you are blessed with a partner who is more than happy to take care of the housework. Rot can make you tired, because you have to constantly look for things you can not find, go detours because of things strewn on the floor, and not least: You are constantly reminded of all the housework to be done.
  • Air mind to partner, friends and colleagues, or write about what you think. It helps to talk or write about what you feel and think about, there are many studies that have documented this. Do not seal inside feelings.
  • Good relationships is incredibly important, while an acidic conditions can prey on energy and wellness. Do your utmost to have good contact with the people you associate with, and if you have done all you can over a reasonable period of time without the other does not show signs of being more sociable, it might be time to consider a life without this person. Some people give you lots of energy, others are energy thieves.
  • Music and Entertainment. Sometimes it's good to relax, think of something else, get in good mood.
  • Relax... and just enjoy life here and now!

Contact your doctor if you are low on energy. Maybe there is something wrong with you, or maybe it's something as simple as lack of sleep, poor diet, too little exercise, or something Others who have been mentioned in this article. Lack of energy can also be a symptom of serious illness and should be checked by a doctor.

The tips above will definitely give you the energy you need, if you are healthy. Everyone will surely have enough profit in everyday life, and with these tips you will achieve this.

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