How to build confidence and self esteem

Most of us have periods where you want the higher self. The solution is to find out what gives high confidence, and what results in low self-esteem just for your person.

Confidence and self esteem

Find out what builds and weakens your confidence. Do more of what gives you more confidence and reduce or eliminate what gives you low self-esteem.

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Confidence and self esteemis very individual:

  • Some have high self-esteem, others have low self-esteem.
  • But the differences do not stop there.

There are in fact so how we build confidence also individually. What builds confidence in some, will not necessarily give any effect in others - or it may act directly opposite and result in low self-esteem.

We can compare it to build confidence with the "building " good health:

  • For many it is medically beneficial to start the day with a little milk and bread, and maybe an egg. A glass of wine a day has health benefits for some.
  • For others who are allergic to milk, bread and eggs cause sykehusinnnleggelse and even death. A glass of wine for an ex - alcoholic may mean that you go back to alcoholism.

No universal recipe for building confidence

So there is no universal recipe for how to build confidence.

Therefore, there is good reason to criticize the " self-help industry " that try to sell you universal miracle recipes for just that build confidence.

This provides greater confidence

As you understand it individually what higher and lower self.

Therefore, it may be ill -spent time searching for miracle recipes on how to build self-confidence. Some tips can certainly work for you, but a lot of it might as well be counterproductive.

Do not forget that having higher self-esteem is something that concerns many people, and thus there are many who see a market with great opportunities to make money.

Comes with a tip to build confidence to the end.

This reduces confidence

Low self-esteem is like high confidence the result of genes and environment, or in other words nature and nurture.

Some are more prone to low self-esteem than others, but No one is born with low self-confidence. Have you ever seen a baby who seems to think, " I'm not fucking good enough ".

Young children have a lot of confidence. Some claim that children under a certain age Not have confidence, and that self- concept is foreign to - it is something that must be developed.

In the western world where individualism has gotten great place, confidence a prominent feature. But there are also more primitive cultures where self is a rather ukjet term.

Low self-esteem is still not easy to live with, and to give priority to building confidence is an important task.

To build your self-confidence

Confidence can be built, no matter who you are or what background you have - That's the good news!

As mentioned, it is to build confidence any individual, and thus there is no universal method.

However, there are individual recipes on building confidence. The challenge is to figure out how exactly You can build your self.

You are different from everyone else, and the exact steps to build confidence must be unique just for you.

Framework for building better self is then as follows:

  1. Find out what actions and the thoughts that build up your confidence and make more of these things (if practicable).
  2. Similarly, find out what weakens your confidence, and attempts to reduce or eliminate these events.

The above two points are the core of the building good self. Observe what affects your confidence and learn from this. This allows you to design the best recipe to build confidence - and that is the recipe that works most effectively right for you.

6 tips to improve self-confidence

The above tips to build self-confidence, we believe all you have to read it to build confidence. Then you just need to do the job it is to find out what strengthens your self and what decreases it.

Many psychologists have, however, tried to set up some universal principles to build confidence.

A prominent person in self research is Nathaniel Branden, and he has written a book about the six pillars that promote self:

  1. Lev conscious (live consciously). This is about being present in the moment. Many of us are conditioned to break the " link " between ourselves and the present, as a survival mechanism that we think that we can not handle.
  2. Accept yourself. We all have our faults. You also have the opportunity to develop yourself, by accepting all of yourself. In fact, it is to accept themselves the only way to develop on, according to Branden.
  3. Take responsibility for your experiences. Tell yourself what you want and do not want to experience.
  4. Defend the one you are. Honor yourself for the thoughts and opinions you have. This can be difficult for many, but the result of accepting this challenge will be very rewarding.
  5. Live life with meaning. Make an appointment with yourself where you decide to reach your highest potential, while maintaining a balanced life.
  6. Preserve your integrity. Know exactly what your principles are and stick to them, no matter what situation you are in or what others think or do.

With these tips, we hope that you can start building confidence. Everyone is different, and that there is one universal recipe for confidence building.

Remember our essential self, and work further with this though. Do not just go on to the next article on building self-esteem - it is now you have to start working for yourself to build your own self - the reward is a relief from all the links you have locked yourself stuck in, and the value of good confidence is priceless.

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