Close encounters with aliens and UFO

We have been in contact with expert claiming to have daily contact with aliens. What you will read here will surprise and shock you, but the experts say they do not expect to be believed by the public.

UFO & alien encounters

The experts have contact with aliens, and some of them are not so different from the classic look as they have been illustrated in books and on film.

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The below text is the unedited message we recieved from some russian experts on UFOs and aliens;

The idea that Earth is the only planet in the universe where there is life, is absurd.

Any enlightened person who has good knowledge of the universe would estimate that the probability of life on other planets in space is approximately 100%. Furthermore, it is also likely that there is intelligent life on other planets.

Astrological scientific studies have proven that it is highly likely that there are life forms that are far more intelligent and aware than the human species.

1 in 6 have been in contact with extraterrestrial life

According to the panel's latest estimates, it is assumed that about 1/6 of the population has been in contact with and / or observed extraterrestrial life. Admittedly, few people are aware of what they have actually observed (In these calculations we exclude hallucinations as well as what we call " non- auxiliary terrestrial phenomena ").

Contact with aliens

Our expert panel sitting people who have daily contact with aliens for over 40 years. This enables us to prove, but remember also that in this article must take a number of safety. will eventually open a service where the public can ask questions that we will pass on to our alien friends.

How does an alien look like? This question was the first thing I even asked someone in the expert panel, before I had even seen an alien.

Romvesener is not an art, and an anatomical description of aliens is therefore not possible. Aliens can range from bacteria like creatures to the memories of people.

Members of the expert panel has contact with aliens daily, and we communicate telepathically. We also have close contact on a regular basis.

Earth is frequently visited by aliens

Reading this are probably aware that we are not alone, and that aliens from other solar systems and other galaxies are visiting our planet regularly. We are not the only ones who have contact, but because of fear of ridicule is almost no one wants to publicity in the media.

Some aliens take the form of a light- form, others have a type that is not entirely unlike that seen on film, man- like, with large eyes, big head and thin bodies, but they do not strut around naked. In most cases, the aliens in the shape of a human figure, and is for us identical to a normal human.

Aliens in human suits

It is most likely that you or someone you know has talked with an alien already. You know it just is not. They have authentic human outfits that provide the opportunity to study humans in an interactive and intimate way.

  1. They know much more about people than we do. Their studies are of course on a different plane, and the science and technology they are in possession of thousands of years ahead of our own.
  2. If they were interested in taking over the planet, could they have done it long ago. The alien we have been in contact with 'm here just to study us and our development, and they do not want to take over earth or steal our natural resources.

To those who are skeptical

We skeptics in our expert panel as well. Not everyone on the panel had close contact.

There are more than enough evidence that aliens have visited Earth. This is something we know for sure, but the public is skeptical or non- believers. We are therefore working to provide evidence that allows the public to accept and understand the fact that aliens live among us here on earth.

Aliens are not here to help us

Our expert panel have access to information that only a limited part of the population knows. Authorities have chosen to ignore the presence of aliens. Key people in Russia, USA and Egypt receive various forms of assistance from aliens, this will come back to later.

Aliens are not here to help us, but to study us. So they keep their knowledge and technology secret for us. Moreover, it is not only us the study, but they also show a great interest in plant, mammalian, insect, bacteria, and viruses.

  • Alien on earth are possibly some of the most intelligent the universe. We know that there is a "star war " on the edge of our galaxy, and that the aliens who study the earth dominate this war. Not all aliens are peaceful and it is not without reason that Stephen Hawkins warns us not to make contact from the room.

Intelligent life with advanced emotions

There is no reason to fear the aliens are on earth today. They are here primarily to observe and learn, and not to destroy or manipulate us.

Why they want to make their presence known to some of the people on earth are hard to understand. If they wanted, they could have been invisible to us and yet studied us thoroughly.

Maybe they want to see how people react when one removes any doubt that there are lives that are more intelligent than humans? Or maybe it's as simple as that they feel a kind of joy by linking personal ties to any of us?

The joy we have by linking personal contact with aliens is indescribable. My personal opinion is that these creatures are not only extremely intelligent with the ability to be rational, they also have a sense registry that is far more advanced than in humans.

Contact with alien life

We want our readers to have the opportunity to experience the aliens. After a close encounter with an alien will have the ability to communicate telepathically.

It is in our interest that more people will join us for close encounter with aliens. The panel consists of many members, and a lot of contact with aliens have been common experiences and hallusjonasjoner excluded.

Do you have a close encounter with an alien?

Aliens choose who they want to contact. We want more people to make contact with aliens, so this does not become a taboo subject. One can not today go public to say that you have contact with aliens, but our expert panel sits professors and politicians who have the such contact. They say something about this in professional context? Never.

Despite the fact that there are probably hundreds, maybe thousands of people who have direct contact with aliens today, there are few who wish to comment on it, and no one in their right mind makes it public.

In addition we have the " maniac " who speaks about alleged abduction and close encounters, but actually just experiencing their own hallucinations.

  • A warning: There are examples of people who have had real contact with aliens (not hallucinations), and has told about this to friends and family, who have suffered ridicule in afterwards, where the tragic outcome have been suicide. If you or a small group is lucky enough to make contact with an alien, it may be beneficial if you do not tell it to anyone but familiar people that you feel you can share these experiences with.

There is no reason to tell about close encounters where the outcome is ridicule. Close Encounters on a global level is unwelcome seen from the alien 's perspective, they are not here to amaze us, but to observe and learn.

Mankind must detect intelligent life in space, and until then it is only a lucky few of us who get the privileged pleasure of having a close encounter with aliens.

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