Dieting: The worlds best diet tips

Dieting is often more complicated than it needs to be. Here are some effective diet tips and weight loss techniques that make the pounds of fat drain away quickly.

Dieting and weight loss

Weight loss is more complicated than eating less than you burn, and doing some exercise as well. It gets easier with some very specific tips, and that's exactly what you'll find on this page.

This weight loss guide is the best slimming diet for those who want to quickly lose weight and who want lasting results. This diet has been hailed by Americans, the world's fattest nation, because it has given such good results. Diet The diet works just as well in obese as for people who just want to get rid of a few pounds of fat. Dieting has never been so easy.

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Here we collect the very best diet tips in one place. Do you own tips on dieting feel free to leave a comment (see bottom of this page).

Diet Tips Part 1 - Fitness for slimming

  1. Weight training builds muscle. Muscle helps you burn fat. Be sure to eat enough protein, it is the body's building blocks, and is necessary for the restitution of muscles after exercise. The best weight loss program is therefore one that burn fat and build or maintain muscle simultaneously.
  2. Explosive weight training provides additional burning long after the workout is finished. To build an explosive physics is anyway not a bad idea.
  3. Cardio involves everything from endurance exercise, and you should preferably start to sweat a little. Walk, jog, do some pranks on the living room floor, yoga.

Diet Tips Part 2 - General food tips

  1. Eat often to keep your metabolism going throughout the day. Eat most of the meals before you use energy, especially for breakfast, and refills when the body needs nutrients to build up again - such as after strenuous exercise.
  2. Eat real food which gives the body the nutrients it needs. Dessert and candy is not food, it's nonsense. There are a lot of good and healthy foods that you should rather eat your fill of.

Diet Tips Part 2 - Ingredients for dieting

  1. Tabasco will speed up your metabolism. This is natural, efficient, and exciting slimming medicine. As long as your stomach can tolerate strong stuff, this is gold. For example, try a Tabasco shot: so many drops of tabasco as you feel, mixed with a small splash of water in a small glass. Works great, delicious and refreshing, and initiate combustion. More effective than anything you can buy diet pills
  2. Strong spices and foods that are spicy diet is good medicine. Naga Jolokia is the world's strongest pepper, but difficult to buy in many countries. The strongest spices and vegetables arrive by scoville degrees table. Naga Jolokia has up to 1,041,427 Scoville degrees (sg), Red Savina Habanero up to 577 000 sg, Habanero up to 350 000 sg and rocoto up to 200 000 sg. Cayenne and cayenne pepper has up to 50,000 sg. Jalapeño is in this respect much weaker, with 2 500-8 000 sg.
  3. Nuts is chock full of fat, but is good if you want to lose weight. They have protein and helps you burn body fat. Good selection of nuts are almonds, walnuts, cashews, Brazil nuts, and several other nuts are also good, but beware: choose natural nuts without salt, vegetabliske oils, etc.
  4. Vegetables are great, and should be eaten year-round, several times a day.
  5. Fruit is something like the body, and it has so many useful features, you read about how good this is before we take it only for you to remember to eat it. How about some fruit right now? You can continue reading here while you eat.
  6. Omega 3 can be found in oily fish such as salmon and trout, and in liquid form such as cod liver oil, and the pure omega3 capsules. It is good for a variety of bodily functions and keeping you healthy easier.
  7. Drink water is the best drink around. Cheap (free) also. Soft drinks and juices expires. Alcohol should not drink too much, there is a lot of calories and the Fokker up the body.
  8. Documented diet-, according following: Raspberries (with substances chemically similar to chili), radish, chili, salmon, coconut, cinnamon (bark Africans say this spice helps them stay fresh too), watermelon, ginger, fresh garlic, green tea, coffee and mustard.

Diet Tips Part 3 - Motivation

  1. Find your ideal on how you want to look after dieting is complete. A picture, a person, a sketch / drawing can help you remember what you have set as a goal. Please write down the exact details of what you want to achieve, for example, " the 20 kg without losing muscle mass and strength," or " 65 cm waist circumference ".
  2. Motivation should be easy. Your motivation is in terms of how intense your desire to sculpt the body you want to have. If you only have little desire to " be like " so you'll probably just make a little effort, it is not enough. You will be extremely motivated when you have an extremely strong desire to sculpt your dream body. Then there was the being for body -fixed, not good there either... Make sure you have sufficient motivation to achieve progress, but you may actually be too eager too. You will not live to lose weight, but lose weight in order to live.

Diet Tips Part 4 - Lifestyle

  1. Sleep helps. You need to sleep.
  2. Jojo dieting sucks, and harmful to the body. You will lose the fat, and then you have to adapt to a lifestyle where you keep your weight well-being. Diet Program to get rid of pounds once and for all is OK, but when you first hat got fat off you need to find a lifestyle that keeps it off for good. For many it is perhaps equally so start with a lifestyle change, and forget about diet craze at all?

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